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The first WiFi home automation system without wiring for switches

The first home automation system for the wireless control and command of interfaces/actuators for the supply of electricity that allows to reduce, during the construction phase of the electrical system, the costs of laying out traces and wiring; more, a smart system with sensing technology for ad hoc control of energy consumption in civil environments.

SSLS is suitable for both new construction and renovations

SSLS is the only flexible and easily reconfigurable smart sensing home automation system. The association between electrical socket / actuator and a switch is made by software only: no need for digging new grooves for wiring, as well as for an Internet connection. More, the integrated sensing system allows you to manage energy consumption. Currently, to install a new electrical system or to integrate / modify an existing one, interventions are required, including one or more of the following operations: mapping of the traces; closing of traces and restoration of wall surfaces; etc.

Such operations with the SSLS system will be absent or reduced to a minimum.

Main innovations and features of SSLS:

• absence of transversal electrical connections between actuators / light points and switches;
• can work in a wireless local network, even in the absence of the Internet;
• both manual (as usual) and remote control of switches;
• mapping, visualization, control and updating in real time of usage data and of the status of switches, sockets and light points;
• reception and processing of signals from external electronic devices;
• monitoring and optimization of the operating costs of electrical loads;
• automatic insertion and reconfiguration of a new element in the electrical network.